Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow Day!

Meteorologists were tickled pink (or white) when their forecasts came to pass and it snowed in Houston yesterday! The snow began during the morning commute and lasted well into the afternoon. All told, about 2 inches fell. It was enough so that, after work, I went MacGyver and used a plastic ruler to brush the accumulated snow off my car! The Prius handled the strange weather and the slippery streets with aplomb.

Last year when it snowed, Garrett didn't believe me when I said it had snowed. This year, he couldn't argue!

By the time I got home, warmed up, and went back onto the streets with my camera, the snow had stopped and was even starting to melt. Here's what I saw!

This scruffy snowman stood about 2 feet tall.

This soldier is remembering what it felt like to serve at Valley Forge!

I love that Garbage song, "I'm Only Happy When It Snows"!

While it was beautiful and whimsical to see it snow, unfortunately it was also bad news for our friend Sandhya, who was supposed to fly in to visit us from Phoenix. When she booked her tickets a couple months ago, she never imagined her flight to Texas would be cancelled due to snow and ice! We are saddened but have plans to see her in Arizona in January.